Neil Cameron has worked in theatre, festivals and cultural development for over thirty four years: twenty four in Australia and ten in Scotland, as well as projects overseas. In that time he has produced and directed many hundreds of art projects of all types, specialising in initiatives and methodologies of cultural development within different levels of society. He has been particularly active in breaking down traditional ideas of the arts and taking a cross disciplinary, multifaceted approach to his work involving the community.

He has wide experience in technique, innovation, technical aspects and overall production in a wide variety of situations. He has been a pioneer in developing a pedagogical understanding of how the arts can renew itself in today’s society and how it can contribute to culture in general. He has developed cultural philosophy at this level throughout his career and has written three books, given lectures and run thousands of workshops in this field as well as acting as a consultant to arts organizations and government bodies.

He is well known for his commitment to cultural development and is one of Australia’s leading authorities on the role that festivals and celebrations can play in Australia’s future cultural development. He believes deeply that without cultural strength and development within the community, a healthy and growing society cannot function properly. His work has constantly challenged the ways in which art is perceived and he has continually championed the cause of creative cultural development at every level of society.

Neil's work has been funded over three decades from many different sources, including various government agencies. He is totally conversant with all levels of funding and is particularly interested in opening up new directions of finance especially in the area of research.