Neil Cameron's 34 years of experience are evident in his popular training programmes and lectures.


Neil Cameron runs courses in festival design, community ritual and celebration and investigates ‘meaning’ within these contexts. Recent training programmes include workshops in partnership with Events Tasmania (an arm of the Tasmania State Government) on how to run festivals that reflect community and individual meaning. Neil Cameron also teaches at universities, colleges and other educational institutions. Most of his courses are designed to meet clients needs and are popularly attended. He uses a unique categorising process to analyse different types of festival, rituals and celebrations throughout the world and demonstrates how this system can help design meaning in these events today. He uses myth, the arts, archetype, anthropology, cultural development theories and cognitive studies to determine what happens to people in cultural experience and explores why these experiences are important to healthy human development. Participants have included cultural workers, festival administrators, drama students, local and state government employees, artists, teachers, performers and students.

Ranging from one-day workshops to one month residencies, the courses are tailored to meet the needs of the client. The number of participants varies; Neil Cameron’s colleagues are often brought in to support the larger training programmes.

Lectures and talks

Neil Cameron conducts lectures and talks on many aspects of his work, specialising in the meaning of celebration, the nature of ritual in the community context and its relationship to cultural development. His lectures are graphically supported by videos and slides.