More information on Neil Cameron's approach to celebratory theatre can be found in his books.

Cover of Maleny Folk FestivalMaleny Folk Festival: The Art of Celebration
Mimburi Press, Australia: 1995
ISBN: 0646267051

From 1987 to 1995 the small Australian rural town of Maleny hosted a festival which grew from a get-together for 700 folk music enthusiasts into a cultural phenomenon without equal, attracting in excess of 60,000 people annually to its own permanent site. Now renamed the Woodford Folk Festival, the importance of this living event to the development of Australian culture cannot be overstated. Through interviews with organisers, volunteers, artists and performers, Neil Cameron looks at the festival from deep inside to reveal the human history of its first 10 years, and goes beyond the festival itself to examine the origins and traditions of festivals worldwide.

Cover of The Running and Stamping BookThe Running and Stamping Book
Currency Press, Australia; Heinemann, US: 1995.
92 pages. ISBN: 0435086812

Cameron’s unique and invigorating series of warm-up exercises for groups, drawing inspiration from a broad range of influences: from Zen monastic ritual and Aboriginal dance, to modern practitioners such as running guru Jim Shapiro and Japanese theatre director Tadashi Suzuki. The aim of the exercises is to build the fitness and muscular coordination of the individual, together with communication and cohesion within the group. Performing artists, team members and other groups will find that this program generates a creative state – enthusiastic, centred and bursting with energy.

Cover of Fire on the WaterFire on the Water: A Personal View of Theatre in the Community
Currency Press, Australia: 1993.
186 pages. ISBN: 0868193070

In Fire on the Water, Neil Cameron gives his own view on the importance of theatre in the community and describes his experience working in the community for over two decades. The book contains detailed examples of events and much useful information on the pitfalls to be avoided as well as the paths to success.